"I'm 13, I haven't had sex but I have had oral sex, I have noticed little white blisters and when something's inserted into my vagina it really burns, I really don't know what do to, I can't turn to anyone because I'm scared of what they'll say or think. Please help." -Anonymous, Harthill, Lanarkshire

Since we cannot diagnose anything over the internet, we would encourage you to be seen by a medical professional so you can be properly diagnosed and treated for these symptoms. The symptoms you are experiencing may or may not be sexually transmitted, but it is always important to use protection (ie condoms, dental dams) when you have sexual contact, oral, vaginal, or anal. Being open with your practitioner about your sexual history will help him/her make an accurate diagnosis. To find a clinic near you, you could try searching in the phonebook or online for "gynecology" or "family planning." Clinics in your area should be able to answer any questions you have regarding your symptoms as well confidentiality concerns. -Emma

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