"Which hard exercises can cause abortion?"-Shafa, India

Being faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy is a difficult realization for any woman and deciding what to do can sometimes be even harder. Throughout history and all around the world women have devised ways to self abort when access to a safe abortion in a medical setting is inaccessible due to financial, logistical, or legal barriers. Methods of self induced abortion may include inserting herbal concoctions into the vagina, introducing foreign objects into the uterus, or trying to cause enough physical trauma to oneself to end a pregnancy. All of these methods are unsafe and contribute to the 13% of maternal deaths caused by unsafe abortion each year. The Emma Goldman Clinic encourages all women who have access to safe, legal abortion to have their abortion procedures performed by a medical professional in a clinic or hospital setting. We will continue promoting safe, legal abortion for women worldwide to expand access to communities where it is currently unavailable. -Emma

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