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"What if I had chlamydia and while I was taking the medicine to cure it I had oral sex with my boyfriend while we both were on our medication. Do I still have it?" -Anonymous, Chicago, IL

Can you get chlamydia from sharing underwear with someone who is infected with chlamydia?

I was diagnosed with chlamydia in 1998. I took the medicine, and I was told that I was cured. Now I can't seem to get pregnant. Do you think it's possible that I will never be able to conceive a child? (posted in 2006) -Angel, Bellflower, CA

Is it true that every time you get chlamydia it decreases your fertility level by 20%? I have had it 3 times, so would that make it so there's not a very good chance of me getting pregnant? I want to have a baby soon. -Cecilia, Atlanta, GA

I've recently been diagnosed with chlamydia. After I bathe, I like to sit in my towel for a long period of time, and I'm not sure if the infection can hop onto it and stay there to sneak up and re-infect again when I'm not looking. Should I throw out all the towels I've been using after normal bathing? Is there a chance of re-infection? Is there a chance of this happening, even after washing them? -Emma

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