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"Are "dollar store" condoms safe?"

"I am 17 and am about to be sexually active. After talking with my doctor, I have decided to use condoms, because hormones are not good with me and because of medical problems. My question is, with perfect use the condom is about 97-98% effective, which is great. But with perfect use, why would those 2-3% get pregnant? Is this possibly due to a condom breaking? What if a condom was used perfectly every single time without it ever breaking, and there was careful removal? What would still cause the pregnancy?"-Amy, New York

"Are condoms reliable when preventing pregnancy? I'm not on the pill and my lover and I have only being using condoms as a means of pregnancy prevention. One little problem is this month my period is late. Can condoms break or leak?"-Tina, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

"If a male condom slips off while in the vagina, does it stay there or will it fall out. Is it dangerous, or can it cause health problems?" "My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time a couple of nights ago. We got kinda into it, but we stopped and the condom fell off inside of me. He didn't come yet. Could I still be at risk of being pregnant?" -August, Florida

"I have pimple-like pimples inside my vagina. Could it be caused from using a condom?"

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