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"What's the difference between the morning after pill and the abortion pill?"

"Can you please explain to me why and how EC (emergency contraception) can work up to 5 days after sex, when the sperm has already entered the vagina?" "Is EC just as effective if a woman is on birth control compared to someone who is not? What else does EC do other than prevent ovulation?"

"What are some of the reasons why EC (emergency contraception) wouldn't work?"

"I was wondering if it is true that if you take 10 birth control pills the day or two days after having sex, can it prevent you from becoming pregnant (like the morning after pill)?" -Heather, Phoenix, Arizona

"What happens if you take the EC pill an hour BEFORE you have unprotected sex? Will it still be effective?" "I took both Plan B (emergency contraception, EC) pills at once. 4 hours later I had sex with my boyfriend, but the condom broke. We are just wondering, could I be pregnant since I just took Plan B before this happened?" -Angela, BC

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