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"Can you get a STI if they don't [ejaculate in your vagina]?" -Katie, Shrewsbury

"I have never had sex, so I cannot have a sexually transmitted infection, but I have had oral sex. When I go to the toilet I get a stinging sensation. I feel the need to use the toilet, but when I try to go I don't. What is this?" -Olivia, FL

"How is it possible for a couple, married for 20 years, never had sex with anyone else other than each other in any way whatsoever, to discover recently that the wife has HPV (humanpapilloma virus which causes genital warts) and chlamydia. How can this have happened? It is very confusing and causing conflict in the marriage?"-Sandy

"My sister-in-law keeps having what she says are yeast infections, but I think she could have an STI. Are there any STIs that have the same symptoms of a yeast infection?" -Newmarket

"How long does it take for an STI to develop?"

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