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"I am a virgin who is considering using the diaphragm for birth control. Do you suggest that I get fitted for a diaphragm first, or wait until after I have sex? I have never had sex, so I am extremely small down there. Don't they have to use a machine to open you up which would REALLY hurt? Would using an extra strength condom be fine for the first time and after while I get a little stretched out before the diaphragm fitting? Should I possibly use a spermicide as well?" -Holly, USA

"What do they do when you get a pap smear?" -Amanda

"When you go to the doctor, do they ask if you have had sex before you get on birth control?" -Sam, Hilton Head

"I am an 18 year old male, and I have been thinking about going to a clinic. I wanted to know if guys have a special type of exam kind of like what the girls go through. I wanted to get tested, but I also want to make sure everything is all right down there. I am a little nervous, and I don't know what to expect, so I haven't made an appointment yet. I want to know what an exam will be like, what they will do, and what they will make me do. I just want to have an overview of a typical visit to a clinic. I feel that if I know what will happen, I will be less nervous when I go in."

"Should I go in for a pap smear if I've been masturbating frequently?"

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