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Can I use one of the home cryo wart removal kits to burn off a small wart on my penis? -Mike, Kansas City, KS What household items could I use to get rid of my genital warts? -Drew, Leeds

I was on the patch, but went off because my ex-fianc and I wanted to get pregnant. Then my ex-fianc told me the other night that he had sex with a girl a few weeks ago, and he wore a condom, but she told him the other night that she has an STD (genital warts). We also had sex a few weeks ago. What are the chances of him catching warts if he wore a condom? What are the chances me then getting warts from him? He went to the doctor and they said it would be 3-6 months before they would know if he had the virus? I am afraid for him, myself, and if I am pregnant, this baby. What do I do know with all of this? -Katie, WV

If I had an abnormal pap and it showed up that it was because of HPV (the human papillomavirus, which can cause genital warts) will I get the warts? Is there a difference between HPV that causes cancer, and HPV that causes warts? Also, if I was treated for the HPV on my cervix, am I spreading it to my boyfriend if we have unprotected sex? -Omaha, NE

Are you still able to have children after being diagnosed with HPV or cervical cancer? -Nicki, Chicago, IL

I have just recently found out that I have HPV and I was wanting to know what are what are the causes and effects of this infection, and does it ever go away? -Christy, Vinton, IA

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