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I am terrified of needles. Is there any other way I can get tested for HIV? -Richelle

I have a new boyfriend. Should I ask him to get tested, or should wearing condoms be fine enough? -England

I'm a virgin who is thinking about becoming sexually active with my boyfriend, who has risk factors for HIV/AIDS. What is a good way to go about the delicate subject of asking him to get tested? What else can I do to stay safe? -Iowa

STD testing for men: what can be tested for, and what are the methods? Does the EGC offer all of these services? If not, do you know who does? -Rachel

My ex-boyfriend split up with me a couple of months ago. I've been checked out, but once, 2 months ago, I had a one-night-stand. Since then I have been having intercourse with my ex-boyfriend. He has found out that he has caught something, but if he caught it from me, surely he would have caught it sooner? -Kerry, England

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