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"Should I worry about being pregnant if we didn't use a condom, or any kind of birth control, and even if he didn't ejaculate inside of me? -Samantha

"My girlfriend is on the birth control pill, and I used the withdrawal method also. After using these 2 methods, do I need to worry at all? Also, is it true that the withdrawal method works as well as a condom?"

"I have read all your answers regarding the "withdrawal method" I understand that pre-cum can get you pregnant. However, doesn't it mean that there is less sperm in pre-cum, and therefore there is less of a chance of getting pregnant with pre-cum, than with a full ejaculation inside of the vagina? I understand doesn't take big amounts of sperm to get pregnant, so I know withdrawal wouldn't completely prevent the chance of getting pregnant, but wouldn't it reduce the possibility?"

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