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"Which hard exercises can cause abortion?"-Shafa, India

"I just had an abortion and I bleed for about a week but I still feel pregnant is there a possibility that I could still have a full term pregnancy." -Anonymous

"I had a abortion a year ago and I am pregnant again well I wanted to know if anything can go wrong with this pregnancy because I had a abortion before."-Ashley

"Why isn't it mentioned in the counseling session that some women have a lot of trouble coping with their emotions after their abortion? I have talked to countless friends who also feel messed up about this, but cannot talk openly because of the stigma (like then you are not pro-choice enough). It hurts women!" -Grace, Iowa City, Iowa

"I had an abortion 3 weeks ago and the day after the 3rd week, I went for my check up and the result was faint positive. What exactly does that mean?"-Anonymous

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