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"Can I be pregnant if I had sex three days after having an abortion? Can I still use emergency contraception?" -Dee, South Africa

"Can I get pregnant 4 weeks after giving birth? What are the chances?" -Mandy, Ironton, OH

"I'm pregnant and am not sure who the father is. I know both possible dates of conception, but they are less than a week apart. I've heard that prenatal paternity tests can be potentially harmful, painful, and expensive. Is this true? If so, is there a technology that can tell me the exact date of conception?"-Anonymous

"If I had sex the day before I got my IUD out, and I ovulated the day after, could I get pregnant? Would the sperm still be alive and able to get me pregnant?" -Janet, Birmingham, AL

"Hi Emma I have been on birth control for 7 years now straight. Recently I was on my last 2 sugar pills, and I knew me and my bf were going to end up having sex, so I started a new pack just a few hours before sex. And I have continued since that day, without missing. Do you think I am safe since I have been on it for so long, or do you think 6 hours wasn't enough time for it 2 be in my system?.. Could I be pregnant?" -Andrea

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