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"I am reading her (Emma Goldman's) autobiography as part of my graduate study. She reports excruciating pain in her spine, legs, abdomen and head during menses. She also reports that she was examined by a medical doctor who informed her that she could not conceive unless she had an operation. Emma refused the operation. What was Emma's condition? Dysmenorrheal... but what about the infertility? I appreciate anything you can tell me. Thanks." -Diane, PA

"Who were the women involved with the starting of the clinic. Why have the clinic in Iowa of all places?? How much is your booklet "Celebrating Thirty Years, and can you purchase it in Marshalltown or the surrounding area?" -Vanessa, Iowa

"Who created the clinic in the first place? Was it Emma, or was it just named after her? If it was just named after her, then why?" -Vanessa, Marshalltown

"Is there anything like the Emma Goldman Clinic in Washington state?"

I think, technically speaking, we don't as much get our books "published" as "printed". When we have something we need printed, we just send it to a local printer. When we get them printed, we then do the publicizing for it, and distribute it ourselves. (Real "publishing" usually involves having a publishing house take your book, then they do all the printing, publicizing, and selling/distributing.) If you're looking to go more our route for getting your book published, you should talk with local printers on the cost for producing your book. (I imagine that you would probably get a better deal with a local printer, than if you tried to get our printer here in Iowa City to print it and then mail it to you.) I know in our experience, that you get a better deal if you format the book into its final form yourself, using computer programs like InDesign or Pagemaker for instance, rather than handing them a manuscript. If you have them do the formatting, they will charge you extra for that. Good Luck -Emma

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